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A.DHL EXPRESS EASY is a convenient service that makes international shipping easy by using dedicated envelopes and boxes. And the shipping rates would be attractive. (The receiver is responsible for import taxes, customs duties or fees levied by the destination country.)
Q.Is any registration required in advance?
A.There is no need for registration to use the service. DHL EXPRESS EASY is available to both individuals and businesses. Please note that DHL EXPRESS EASY cannot be used with shipper's own DHL account number. Also shipper needs address in Japan. Shipping charges must be paid at DHL Service Point even if you have a DHL account.
Q.Can I use DHL EXPRESS EASY by charging all cost to the receiver?
A.No. DHL EXPRESS EASY charges must be prepaid. Please pay the shipping charges at Service Point, where you ship your packages.

DHL Service Point

Q.Where are DHL Service Points offering DHL EXPRESS EASY?
A.Click here to find DHL Service Point. Please note that DHL EXPRESS EASY at University Co-op stores is available only to students and staff with the membership.
Q.What are available services at DHL Service Point?
2. Shipment drop-off by DHL account holders. (except some Service Point) Shipment with DHL export account number starting with 5 is accepted at DHL Service Point. Charges will be invoiced to Shipper’s account number. Not acceptable are DHL Import Express accounts starting with 9 and DHL accounts outside of Japan.

Shipping Charges

Q.How much does DHL EXPRESS EASY cost?
A.DHL EXPRESS EASY tariff is simple. We divide the world into four areas. For documents up to 0.5kg, we charge a fixed rate for each area. For each type of package, there is a standard rate. Depending upon weight, there may be incremental charge. You can find shipping rates here.
Q.Are there any handling fees for using DHL EXPRESS EASY?
A.DHL EXPRESS EASY price includes fuel surcharge. It is all-inclusive and requires not additional fees.
Q.Can I bill a DHL EXPRESS EASY shipment to a DHL account?
A.No. DHL EXPRESS EASY shipment cannot be billed to shipper's DHL account. Please pay all charges at DHL Service Point when you ship your packages via DHL EXPRESS EASY.


Q.Can I ship anything in the DHL EXPRESS EASY envelopes or boxes?
A.Goods that are restricted by the destination country or DHL's shipping guidelines may not be shipped. Additionally, DHL EXPRESS EASY envelopes must be used only for documents.
Q.What are things I cannot send with DHL EXPRESS EASY?
A.Goods that are restricted by the destination country or DHL’s shipping guidelines may not be shipped. Please refer to the following for notable items.
Restricted Items Comments
Cash, Credit Card, Vouchers
Passport, Air flight ticket
Precious metals Jewelry, Precious Metals, Bullion, etc. Excluding accessories with reasonable values
Living things Live animals, Insects, Plants
Animal-related goods Leather goods, Ivory, Furs, etc.
Food & Drinks Any edible materials including processed food
Liquid Including detergent
Medicine, Cosmetics
Tobacco Including Electronic cigarettes (including vitamin inhalers)
Illegal goods Narcotics, Counterfeit goods, etc
Dangerous goods Fireworks, Match, Lighter, Spray can, Fuel
Weapon (including imitation) Air gun, Model, gun, Wood sward, etc.
Unacceptable Battery
*Lithium Battery Unacceptable: Batteris alone
Acceptable: Mobile phone, Camera (Only two devices containing batteries)
Device like a notebook PC cantaining high capacity battery may be unacceptable.
*Lithium Button Battery Device like a notebook PC cantaining high capacity battery may be unacceptable.
Unacceptalbe: Batteries alone, Activated device
Acceptable: Contained in unactived device Active wrist watches are acceptable.
*Dry Cell (Exclud. Button type)
Alkaline, Manganese, Silver Oxide, Ni-Cd batteries
Acceptable conditions
Indicate in waybill and invoice: "Not Restricted as Per SP A123"
Attach Safety Data Sheet for Ni-Cd battery.
*Dry Cell (Button type)
Alkaline, Managanese, Silver Oxide batteries, etc.
Button/coin type is a round small cell or battery when the overall height is less than the diameter.
Unacceptable: Activated device including wrist watch
Acceptable: Contained in unactivated device
Indicate in waybill and invoice: "Not Restricted as Per SP A123"

* When you ship precision equipment such as computers, mobile phones, or game consoles and you are unsure if the items you wish to send are restricted, please contact DHL Customer Service at 0120-39-2580 in advance. Restricted items may vary and additional shipping documents may be necessary, depending on destination countries.

If DHL finds, after pick-up, that shipment cannot be transported, DHL will inform shipper that shipment and charges may be returned. If shipper should not be reached, DHL would reserve the right to dispose shipment.

Q.Can I send CD-ROM discs as documents in DHL envelope?
A.CD-ROM discs are non-document. So please use a DHL EXPRESS EASY box. Other storage media are also non-document.
Q.Can I use package other than the dedicated envelopes and boxes to send shipment via DHL Express Easy?
A.No. Items must be packed in DHL EXPRESS EASY envelopes or boxes. If not, your shipment cannot be accepted at DHL Service Points.
Q.What should I do if the items I want to send do not fit in a DHL EXPRESS EASY box?
A.DHL EXPRESS EASY is not available to goods that do not fit into the designated boxes. If you wish to send them by DHL's other services, please contact DHL Customer Service (0120-39-2580) for more information.
Q.How can I get DHL EXPRESS EASY packaging (envelopes and boxes) and shipping documents such as waybills and invoices? Can I have them delivered?
A.DHL EXPRESS EASY packaging and documents are available at DHL Service Point. DHL does not do delivery service for such items. You can also download the invoice template in a PDF file at this website and fill it in digitally. If you are sending non-document, make sure to print out two copies of the invoice and sign both.
Q.Can I send multiple packages with a single shipment waybill?
A.No. Each shipment or package requires one waybill when using DHL EXPRESS EASY.
Q.Can I get my DHL EXPRESS EASY shipment picked up?
A.No. Pick-up service is not available for DHL EXPRESS EASY. Please bring your shipment to DHL Service Point.
Q.Are there any countries that I can’t send packages to with DHL EXPRESS EASY?
A.There are some, while extremely limited, countries and regions where DHL does not provide services. For individual homes in Russia, only documents can be shipped. Also DHL is not providing service to Iran. Please contact DHL Customer Service (0120-39-2580) for more information.


Q.Does DHL EXPRESS EASY take longer to deliver shipment than DHL’s regular services?
A.DHL EXPRESS EASY has the same speed with DHL's regular services. While the shipping tariff and the process at DHL Service Point are simplified for DHL EXPRESS EASY, the number of days required for delivery is the same with DHL's standard services. (If the receiver is an individual, he or she may be contacted by customs authorities to confirm receipt before the shipment is delivered.)
Q.Can I specify the time of delivery?
A.No. Delivery time cannot be specified for DHL EXPRESS EASY. DHL offers other services for customers who wish to have delivery time assurance. Please contact DHL Customer Service (0120-39-2580) for more information.
Q.Can I send a shipment to a hotel overseas?
A.Yes. DHL EXPRESS EASY shipment may be sent to accommodation facilities overseas. But please note that information like room number of the receiver is necessary and must be written on the waybill. Local customs authorities may contact the receiver regarding receipt of their shipment. DHL would not accept shipment to guests who have not yet checked in at the facility or who are only staying for a short period of time
Q.Can I check the status of shipment?
A.Click here to check the status of your shipment.


Q.Is shipment insurance available for DHL Express Easy?
A.No. Shipment insurance is not available. Only for documents, Extended Liability is available. With the flat rate of 500 yen, fixed compensation of 50,000 yen can be provided in case of loss or damage, regardless of document value.
Q.Is there anything in mind when shipping to China?
A.HS code and CR code are required when sending non-document shipments to the People's Republic of China. Please contact the receiver for the CR code before sending a shipment. However, a CR code is not required when a package is sent from an individual to another individual residing in China, and the declared value of the package is less than 100 U.S. dollars.

Q.What is HS code?
A.HS code (Harmonized System code) is a 6-digit number used to classify internationally traded products. HS codes can be found on the Japan Customs website. http://www.customs.go.jp/yusyutu/
Please refer to the following image to confirm where to enter the HS code on shipment waybills and invoices.

Image:CR code, HS code.

Q.What is CR code for shipment to China?
A.CR code (Customs Registration code) is a 10-digit number issued by Chinese Customs to the receiver residing in China. This code is required when sending non-document shipments to the People's Republic of China. Please contact the receiver for the CR code before sending a shipment.

Image:CR code, HS code.


Please feel free to contact DHL Customer Service for inquiries including shipment status, transit time, restrictions at destination countries.

DHL Customer Service


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